How to Watch TV on Laptop

How do you watch TV on Laptop? Doing things on your laptop is fast becoming a comfortable and fun filled experience for large number of users. Professionals are busy in their work life seldom find time to watch their favorite TV soaps, sports or shows. Thanks to the ongoing technological advancement in software, tuner cards and other gadgetry, it has become possible for them to watch TV on laptop. One can better sum it as having a nice time while being on the move. Needless to say that one can watch a number of foreign and other channels despite their different changing locations.

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But how do you watch these programs? The most common and widely method being used by laptop users is using USB external TV tuner card. To get the quality performance you need to use Windows XP. This will help you in getting your TV program and its corresponding sound through USB 2 port. With this you have also got another option that you can record your TV program into your hard drive and can watch in your leisure time. However, if you are using the external TV Tuner then you won’t be able to record your program and may require another sound device to connect to your TV tuner.

To begin with we have USB 2.0 based TV tuners which are ideally suited and are being used as we mentioned above. This works wonder with the latest laptops and is useful in transferring high speed audio and video data from TV tuner to the laptop.

HOWEVER, using Internal TV Tuner is bit complicated for most users and not to mention that you need an antenna to use this. Most of the antenna that comes with the USB device is too small to receive the sufficient signal watch TV in a watch-able resolution. Therefore you need a proper house-sized antenna to be able to watch decently. But what is the whole point of watch TV on laptop if you need to be connected to a house antenna? This is kind of defeat the whole purpose of being mobile.

Of course there are other methods such as PCMCIA card or TV Tuner card. But again all these still require antenna to operates and not convenient for laptop users.
Another better way to watch TV on laptop is to steam it online with a help of software and internet connection. The market is flooded with a number of softwares and honestly on a few provides a decent quality. But most of them charge you a monthly fee which is the downside. So which software to get then? I recently tested this software and very happy with the quality. And the best thing is there is no subscriptions or monthly fees. All I paid was a one off payment of $49. Now I can watch my favourites programs on the laptop.

So in a nutshell, USB or TV Tuner card is good if you want to watch TV at home or have access to an antenna and you can only watch local program with this. Otherwise get the software to watch TV on laptop, without antenna and have access to around 3500 channels from all across the globe.

Article: How to Watch TV on Laptop